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Le French Guest (permanence)

Every first Wednesday of the month, meet a French person and talk in a very relaxed atmosphere. Meet new people, practice your French and spend a very good time in the AF lounge area. You can bring your lunch, enjoy some tea, coffee provided by us or just tag along to meet a different guest every month. Discuss French news, travelling around New Zealand, and many more... On vous attend ! Our guests always have fascinating stories to tell and share!

275, Cashel Street - 12-1PM

Koha Donation welcome

2017 Dates

Wed 1st March: Heimoana Manutahi
Wed 5th April: Estelle Gomard
Wed 3rd May: Marie-Laure Petit
Wed 7th June: Bérangère Mahet
Wed 5th July: Clément Michard
Wed 2nd August: Elsa Wolff
Wed  6th September
Wed 1st November
Wed 6th December