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Le French Guest (permanence)

Every first Wednesday of the month, meet a French person and talk in a very relaxed atmosphere. Meet new people, practice your French and spend a very good time in the AF lounge area. You can bring your lunch, enjoy some tea, coffee provided by us or just tag along to meet a different guest every month. Discuss French news, travelling around New Zealand, and many more... On vous attend ! Our guests always have fascinating stories to tell and share!

275, Cashel Street - 12-1PM

Koha Donation welcome

2017 Dates

Wed 1st March: Heimoana Manutahi
Wed 5th April: Estelle Gomard
Wed 3rd May: Marie-Laure Petit
Wed 7th June: Bérangère Mahet
Wed 5th July: Clément Michard
Wed 2nd August: Elsa Wolff
Wed  6th September: Lucie Detchart

Wed 25th October:  Yves Lafoy 

Since 2012, New Caledonia has had its first overseas diplomatic representation housed in the French Embassy in Wellington. Dr Yves Lafoy, its Official Representative, aims to supervise bilateral cooperation between New Caledonia and New Zealand, in the economic, cultural, educational, and scientific domains.
The Delegation is a key partner of the 10 Alliances Françaises in New Zealand and the Cook Islands. In 2017, the Delegation funded and inaugurated our Caledonian Cultural and Educational Centre at the Alliance Francaise Christchurch.

Wed 6th December : TBC