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Comic Book Festival, meet with Niko and Sosthene

When: Tuesday 5th June, 6pm at AFC, 275 Cahel street and Wednesday 6th June , 1pm (UC)
Where: University of Canterbury, Psychology-Sociology 251

Have you ever wondered how a comic book artist and/or illustrator worked? What about the creation of a comic strip? 

Come and join us at the University of Canterbury to meet with Niko, who will answer these questions and talk about his work! 
You will also have the opportunity to see him drawing “live” a character inspired by one or two people from the audience…will you be one of them? 
Last but not least: this new character will be used for a real publication in a magazine

At an early age, Nicolas Martin (Niko) started drawing, having his first press illustrations published when he was 16. Since then, he has been an illustrator for newspapers and popular New Caledonian magazines. Niko is especially reknown for one of his comics, “Frimeurs des iles” (using “Aj’na" or Niko” as a signature) which is still one of the bestselling comics in New Caledonia, with more than 60,000 copies sold.
Niko will be accompanied by Sosthene Dessanges.

Have a glimpse at this work: