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Deadline: 21th June 2017

The theme of the 7th Alliance Française International Photo Competition will be:

 “Fashion and dress codes”
This is a good year to broach the theme of clothing, our “second skin”.
Clothes are a proof of affiliation. By the way we dress, we assert our social existence and display our membership. We may show off symbols of group identity, or we may seek to distinguish ourselves from others and to express our personal tastes – among other things.
Traditional or festive dress, clothes appropriate for celebrations, sports or religion, and so on – there are so many ways to dress to fit in with specific, different contexts (differences of generation, gender, age, geography, history, etc).
By focusing on the variety and plurality of ways of dressing, this year’s competition aims to show the rich variety of heritages, practices and ways of creating and wearing clothing – and beyond that, the diversity of the world.
The prize committee will take into consideration the originality and quality of the photographs.

You are warmly invited to participate in this competition if you are:

  • over eighteen years of age;
  • an amateur or semi-professional photographer (you must not be a recognized professional photographer with photography as your sole source of income).
  • Participants must submit two photographs on the theme “Fashion and dress codes”.

Special credit will be given for coherence and harmony between the two photos.
We invite you to read the rules of this contest and to send us your best photos at:

Registration form: Informations-candidats-eng…
Rules International photo contest : Rules-International-photo-…