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French For Adults

The Alliance Francaise Christchurch provides a wide range of courses at different levels. If you want to learn french in a fun and way environment, join our sessions!

If you are...

- New to Alliance with NO knowledge in French : 
Check our complete beginners courses

                                                                              - New to Alliance with some knowledge in French :
Call or
email us now to organise a free appointment
                                                                                            with our Education Coordinator or
                                                                                            more information here
-A returning student
Find your
continuing course


Regular French courses
                          French for Travellers                          Conversation classes

Private Tuition

More information on our French courses is available here .


We offer regular French courses from complete beginners (A1) to advanced speakers (C1). If you not sure about your current level, please visit us and book a free level assesment.
If you know your level and want to enrol in a course check out our class list.
A detailed description of the different levels is provided here.


The AF Christchurch offers one-to-one tuition with our qualified teachers suited to your availability and personal objectives.

Our private tuition rate :

1 student 2 students 3 students
4 students
Tuition at  the AF $50/hour $60/hour $65/hour $75/hour
External tuition $60/hour $70/hour $75/hour

More than 4 students : contact us for a quote.
If you buy a pack of 5hours, you get a 10% discount
More details on private lessons here.


If you love travelling and you want to learn French, join our French for travellers classes. The Alliance Francaise Christchurch provides French classes, which cover all the French you need while travelling!

These classes focus on situations that you will most likely encounter when travelling: meeting people, catching a train, shopping or ordering in a restaurant, as well as some cultural information and other useful travel tips.


15 hours over 5 weekends = $220 (all included: Tuition fees, booklet, membership)
You can enrol for French for Traverlers here.


Improve your spoken French through discussions on French culture and contemporary issues as presented in authentic articles and videos from the French press. We also run discussions about French culture, news and current affairs in the relaxed atmosphere of your local café! Contact us for more information.
You can Enrol in conversation class here.