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♟️ Scrabble

🇫🇷 Join us for a fun-filled afternoon of Scrabble at the Alliance Française of Christchurch on 19 june 2024!

☕ Le Café des Parents

A family rendez-vous for French families. Let's share our goûter and immerse the children in a French speaking environment, far from home!

🎲 Soirée Jeux à l'Alliance

Join us every 2nd Friday of the month for a fun-filled evening of board games en français. Bring along your favorite games to play with others, or simply let yourself be guided by our passionate team.

🇫🇷 French Guest

Meet new people and practice your French in a very relaxed atmosphere.
You can bring your lunch, enjoy some tea or coffee provided by us or just tag along to meet a different guest every month. Our guests always have fascinating life & travel stories to share! On vous attend!

🎬 Year of the Shark

French Movie of the Month at the Lumière cinemas:
When a surfer mysteriously disappears, the town is sent into a frenzy of excitement and chaos. But soon, the shocking truth emerges: a mischievous shark is lurking in the harbor! 🏄‍♂️🚫


2024 Annual General Meeting

We invite you to join us for the 2024 AGM which will be held at the premises of Alliance Française de Christchurch on Saturday 25 May 2024, at 11am. You can download the 2024 AGM notice here.

Election for committee members will also take place on that day - applications should be submitted beforehand by sending an email to

You can get information about the minute of the 2023 AGM here.
Please find your proxy voting forms here, and the editable version here.

Come along and have your voice heard in the direction of your local Alliance!

🥐 P’tit déj Bonne Maman

Come and enjoy delightful croissants, crispy baguettes, tasty butter, and authentic Bonne Maman jams. And of course, we won't forget the coffee and juice to accompany this morning feast! ☕🍞


🥐 P’tit Déj’ Bonne Maman pour Ados

Teens event :
A delightful morning filled with delicious French pastries, bread, and coffee! It's a fantastic opportunity to dive into some French culture and cuisine right here in Christchurch.

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