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How much will it cost?

Check out the prices of all our courses. 

A membership (from $55 to $90 valid for a year from the date of registration) or a yearly AF student card ($40 valid for a calendar year) is required to enrol in our courses online and benefit from all of our services : library, social and cultural events, partners' discounts...

2021 Fees

Courses Duration Price
Regular & Conversation courses for Addults 20hours / 10 weeks $340
Pay as you go conversation 1h / week $17/hour
Children ‘s & Teens courses 1 hr a week / 10 weeks $140
Francophones courses 1 hr a week / 10 weeks $140
Children’s Holiday Programme 1 week / 9am-3pm from $45/day/child
French for Travellers
(inc.booklet & Student card)
15 hrs / 5 weekends $275
Language and Culture Workshops 2 to 3 hours from $25
Individual Private Tuition 1 hour $60 
Pack of 5 hours $300/pp
Pack of 10 hours $54/hour
Private Tuition for 2 people
(2 persons)
Price per hour per person
1 hour $80/hour
Pack of 5 hours $200/pp
Pack of 10 hours $360/pp
DELF/DALF preparation course  October  $34/2hr
We also sell this text book (accompanied by his workbook and CD's), which are required for our regular and express courses only.
The first level covers 144 hours (i.e. 6-8 terms) of classroom tuition. Levels 2 and 3 are also available.
Text Book AlterEgo+ (CD's included) + Exercise Book AlterEgo+ $80