Children's Holiday Programme

Children's Holiday Programme

We offer Easter, Summer, Spring, and Winter Holiday programmes for children! We recognise that the holidays are a break away from school for the children and a great time for them to be exposed to new and exciting experiences. So that's what we do! Our French holiday programmes are always heaps of fun. We craft, draw, bake and play... all in French! All levels of French are welcome, from complete beginners to bilingual. Our teachers are fully qualified and can speak English if need be!

Who: Suitable for children aged 6-12 years and with all levels of French ability - from complete beginners to bilingual.
 When: From 9am to 3pm - early drop-off (from 8.30am) available.
Where: At our premises on Cashel Street
How much: $50 / day / child
Discount: 10% Discount available for "La Découverte" students, or if you enrol for 5 days over the holidays.

Parents need to provide:
- morning tea 
- lunch
- water bottle
- warm jacket
- covered shoes
- sunhat & sunscreen if needed

Previous programmes 

Summer Holidays 2022 : 17-28 January 2022
Semaine 1 : Les époques historiques (Préhistoire, Antiquité, Moyen Age, Renaissance, Temps modernes)
Semaine 2 : L' espace (les planètes, les étoiles et les galaxies)

Autumn Holidays 2022 : 19-29 April 2022
(No programme on Easter Monday and ANZAC day)

Semaine 1 : Les enfants sauvent la banquise
Semaine 2 : Les détectives mènent l'enquête

Winter Holidays 2022: 18-22 July 2022
(No programme the first week)
Semaine 2 : L'univers Harry Potter

Spring Holidays: 3-14 October 2022
Semaine 1 : La musique
Semaine 2 : Les films d'animation (Inside Out, Frozen, Cars, Zootopia)

Upcoming Holidays

Christmas Holidays: 19-22 December 2022
Theme: C'est Noël!

For more information please, please send us an email at

2023  Programmes

Summer Holidays : 16-27 January 2023
Semaine 1 : L'été
Semaine 2 : Les régions de France

Autumn Holidays : 12-21 April 2023
(No programme on Easter Monday & Easter Tuesday)

Semaine 1 :
Semaine 2 :

Winter Holidays: 3-14 July 2023 (No programme on the 14th of July - Matariki)
Semaine 1 :
Semaine 2 :

Spring Holidays: 25 September - 6 October 2023
Semaine 1 :
Semaine 2

Christmas Holidays: 18-21 December 2023
Semaine 1

For more information please, please send us an email at

If your child wishes to attend the programme, please fill in the contact form or the following form Children-Holiday-Programme-Form (click to download). Merci beaucoup!

Contact Form

Name Of Your Child
Date Of Birth Of Your Child
Legal Guardian 1
Phone Number Legal Guardian 1
E-mail Address
Please confirm that your child is toilet trained and able to use the bathroom by himself.
Please confirm that your child is 6 years old or more.
Please indicate the days you would like your child to attend. 
Does your child have any particular health needs we should be aware of, including allergies, food or medical conditions, etc
Is your child enrolled at "La découverte" Burnside?
Please upload the completed enrolment form

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