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 Children's Holiday Programme


We offer Easter, summer, spring and winter holiday programme for children! Our holiday programmes are heaps of fun for your children. We are making French crafts, drawing, baking and playing ... all in French!   All levels of French welcome, from complete beginners to bilingual. Our teachers are fully qualified and can speak english! ;)

14 to 24 APRIL
Moved Online - Find below our 2.0 activities! ;)

Suitable for children aged 5-10 years and all levels of French ability - from complete beginners to bilingual.

Click on the packages below and tell us on wich day(s) you would like us to send you! We will send you a link that will give you access to a pack full of ressources. Each pack contains A LOT of activities for the kids to learn and create by themselves. We are providing a wide range of online and offline creative activities. 


Please note - We will deliver the links from Thursday 9th April 



Please note - We will deliver the links  from Thursday 9th April.

We have 2 themes and 9 days of ressources available - Pick your favorites!

Theme : Time travellers!
DAY 1: From dinosaurs to Prehistory
DAY 2: The Romans and Antiquity
DAY 3: Castles and the Middle-Age
DAY 4: Art and the Renaissance

Themes: Save the planet!
DAY 1: Save the Deserts!
DAY 2: Save the North & South Poles!
DAY 3: Save the Islands!
DAY 4: Save the Forests!
DAY 5: Save the the Planet!

Each pack contains:
- 1 Story (or more!) and activities
- 1 Song (or more!) and activities
- 1 Recipe to make at home and activities
- Several interactive games to learn about the topic and some French vocab
- 2 crafts to make at home
- 1 mini - Escape Game

With all activities we encourage you to post on the shared page (Padlet) the kids masterpieces - We will be running some competitions and the teachers will interact through short videos and comments! :)

Children Holiday Programmes 2020 Dates:

Easter: 14 - 24 April
Winter: 6-17 July
Spring: 28 September- 9 October
Christmas: 15 - 18 December