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All of our teachers are highly trained experts in their fields and native speakers of French, ensuring the highest quality of teaching.

Manuela Dupin Teacher - Master FLE
Hi ! I’m Manuela Dupin, I’m from Le Mans, in the North West of France ! Previously, I was a teaching assistant in kindergarten in Saint Louis, in the US, and was also an intern at the Alliance Française of Oxford, in the UK. After that, I worked in various places including associations. I love running, travelling and reading ! 

One of my favorite words is “Abracadabra”, because it touches everyone children to grown ups and brings smiles to the world.
Céline Mercier Teacher - Master FLE

Bonjour ! I'm Céline. I come from the western part of France, right between Britanny and Bordeaux. I have taught in a few countries to all level and all ages, before I decided it was time for me to travel. It was not planned but I fell in love with NZ ! And here I am, settled and enjoying working at  AFC, very happy to be part of this great team.
I chose the word barbe-à-papa because it brings back happy childhood memories of games, laughters and yummy food at the fair and i like the gipsy vibe to it.
Sylvie Chappuis Teacher - DAEFLE

Bonjour tout le monde! I’m Sylvie, I come from the Alps, the French ones! I’m very happy to join the dynamic team at AFC! I moved with my family to New Zealand after falling in love with the country 10 years ago when we were on working holiday. I love teaching, passing on the knowledge, to children and adults; and I love creating stuff with my fingers, be it with food, silver or wood. I look forward to see you at the AF soon! I’ve chosen the word “nuage” because this is a place for imagination, where everything is possible
Célia Kalfallaoui Teacher - Master FLE

Kia ora, I’m Célia! I come from Bordeaux in the South-West of France. Does that city ring a bell ? It’s because you know it for our wine! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to talk with you about it because I don’t like it … I’m far away from home here in NZ to do an internship to be a French teacher. I hope to find a bit of home in your beautiful landscapes full of hills and beaches. I chose the word arc-en-ciel which means rainbow (or literally « arch in the sky ») because it’s a thing we see when it’s rainy but there’s a bit of hope : the sun is coming back ! Is there anything more beautiful than those wonderful colors in the sky ?

Manon Veyssières Teacher - Master FLE

Hey there ! I’m Manon from France. I live in Limoges, in the centre of the country. It’s basically the land of cows, apples and chestnuts but also of  porcelain! It’s really a cute city and I love it! I’m in AFC to complete my masters degree doing an internship as a French teacher. I can’t wait to discover the Kiwi culture and country! I’m pretty sure I will enjoy it!!! I chose the word « rêves » which means « dream » because it’s the open gate to imagination and the world of possible. For me, it’s really important to dream, it makes life more challenging fulfilling your « rêves »!

Inès Roye-Almendro Teacher - Master FLE

Pauline Eysseric Teacher - DAEFLE

Bonjour bonjour! My name is Pauline and I am from Grenoble, a pleasant city in the French Alps. In 2019, I decided to come to New Zealand to teach French. Why New Zealand? Because this country is absolutely gorgeous and I can practice all the sports I like : running, surfing, climbing, slacklining and so on! Why teaching French ? Because I love it whether it is with children, teenagers or adults! It exposes me to a world of different nations, cultures and personalities. The learning takes place on both sides and that is something quite fascinating! I've chosen the word "Pamplemousse" because I still don't know why but foreign people always enjoy saying that word!
Estelle Gomard Teacher - Master FLE

Morgane Jaffry Director - PGCE in MFL / Master FLE

Salut! I arrived in Christchurch in 2013. I have a background in education, administration and communication.I have previously worked in schools and universities mainly in Wales and Alliance Française in Russia. I have broad teaching experiences with all ages, different contexts and all levels. I love everything about innovative teaching, languages...and rugby! 
Even though I was born, grew up and studied outside of France's borders,  I originally come from Plogoff in Bretagne where my favorite word "Baragouiner" ( to jabber, to mumble ) originated - a french word that finds its roots in Breton, a celtic language very similar to Welsh. 

Camille Chèze International Volunteer, Pedagogical & development coordinator