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All of our teachers are highly trained experts in their fields and native speakers of French, ensuring the highest quality of teaching.

Aurore Loiseau Teacher 
Hi ! My name is Aurore Loiseau, I'm come from Vendée, in the west of France. After a degree in law and foreign languages, It took me 5 years, 6 jobs around the world, 3 diplomas to finally be what I am today. I taught in China, in Ireland, in Spain and in Czech Republic before coming here ! During my free time, I like listening to latino music, dancing zumba, drawing whatever I feel like and reading - I'm kind of a bookworm, you can say it ! 

My favourite French word is "Coquelicot" - poppy - because phonetic is my thing and I love the seeds !
Zelda Escudié Teacher 
Hi, I'm Zelda ! I came to the Alliance in January 2019 for my internship. I'm in the second year of my master degree. I'm from the basque country, South West of France. Last year I was working as a French Assistant in a french immersion school in Minneapolis, US. I'm currently teaching french to all ages and I absolutely love it ! I will be staying at the Alliance till December.
Clémentine Vaucelle Teacher 
Manuela Dupin Teacher 
Hi ! I’m Manuela Dupin, I’m from Le Mans, in the North West of France and I’m here for an internship to complete my second year of Master degree ! Previously, I was a teaching assistant in kindergarten in Saint Louis, in the US, and was also an intern at the Alliance Française of Oxford, in the UK. After that, I worked in various places including associations. I love running, travelling and reading ! 

One of my favorite words is “Abracadabra”, because it touches everyone children to grown ups and brings smiles to the world.

Morgane Jaffry Director

Bonjour ! I arrived in Christchurch in 2013 as a director, Volontaire International, at AFC. I have a background in education, administration and communication.I have previously worked in schools and universities mainly in Wales and Alliance Française in Russia. I have broad teaching experiences with all ages, different contexts and all levels. I love everything about innovative teaching, languages...and rugby.
Even though I was born, grew up and studied outside of France's borders,  I originally come from Plogoff in Brittany where my favorite word "Baragouiner" ( to jabber, to mumble ) originated - a french word that finds its roots in Breton, a celtic language very similar to Welsh. "Bara" means "bread" and "Gwin" means "wine". Around the 1870's, Bretons in Paris would not have much money or many sophisticated needs and could not speak French. When asking for hospitality they kept asking for "bara" and "gwin". The term for Bretons talking (jabbering) thus became 'baragouiner'...and this is something I do a lot !

Margaux Provost-Rodriguez International Volunteer, Pedagogical & development coordinator

Bonjour ! My name is Margaux, I'm from Montpellier, South of France, thanks to my parents I am half French and half Spanish and I love having this mix of cultures. I have a Master degree in teaching French as a foreign language and I have been working abroad since then. I have lived and worked in England, Spain, Chile, and India. I am the new pedagogical and development coordinator of this Alliance Francaise. I enjoy working here and look forward to traveling in New Zealand, such an exciting adventure !
My family wishes I stayed in Europe, but the world is way too vast and way too beautiful to just settle down that’s why I chose the word « bohème » which is a different way of life but it suits me !

A bientôt à l’Alliance Française !

Marine Chupin Administrative Coordinator & Teacher

Bonjour, my name is Marine and I come from Angers, a city on the edge of the Loire Valley and Brittany. I studied in the South of France and discovered French Foreign Language there when I was a teacher for unaccompanied foreign minors in Marseille. Today I am the Administrative Coordinator of the Alliance Française but I am also a teacher. I love travelling, wandering and discovering a new dish when I am on the road...

My favourite word is "une échaufourrée" which translates as scuffle in English. I find this very old word beautiful and the etymology is very interesting !