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Available Courses: 4

A2 Intermediate

8 levels to complete the second learning stage: A2.1 to A2.8

Learn to: Converse daily in a simple way, talk about your family, your relationships, your work. Past and future tenses, Subjunctive mode, Conditionnel mode, If-clauses Read and understand short articles, Tv reports ...

Available Courses: 1


"C'est mon choix"

Learn to: Talk about your hobbies and cultural activities, understand a menu, shop and discuss food, describe and give some advice in clothing styles, choose a present for someone, characterize an object and indicate its function.

Prerequisite: A1.5 or placement test.

Available Courses: 1


" Lieux de vie"

Learn to: Describe a building and indicates every room's function, look for an accommodation, express and set up rules using the imperative, understand and express rules;

Prerequisite: A2.2 or placement test.

Available Courses: 1


"Vers la vie active"

Learn to: Introduce yourself in a professional context, understand and write simple resumes and formal letters, understand and answer questions during an interview, discover the subjunctive to give advice and express necessity;

Prerequisite: A2.4 or placement test.