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Available Courses: 3

A0 Complete Beginners

Complete beginner? Welcome! No prior assessment needed.
Note: All our classes are now available online via Zoom and onsite, please contact us for more info:

    Available Courses: 5

    A1 Beginners

    5 levels to complete the first learning stage: A1.1 to A1.5

    Learn to: Introduce yourself, express likes and dislikes, daily routines and leisure activities, numbers, time, days of the week, etc. Present, Past and Future tenses...

    Available Courses: 6

    A2 Intermediate

    8 levels to complete the second learning stage: A2.1 to A2.8

    Learn to: Converse daily in a simple way, talk about your family, your relationships, your work. Past and future tenses, Subjunctive mode, Conditionnel mode, If-clauses Read and understand short articles, Tv reports ...

    Available Courses: 4

    B1 Advanced Conversation

    This course is suitable for students who already have a substantial vocabulary and a good grasp of French grammar.

    Available Courses: 3

    B1 Independent

    7 levels to complete the third learning stage: B1.1 to B1.7

    Learn to: Express causes and consequences, describe past events and report speech in the past, take part in debates, justify your opinions, discuss art, literature and art-related topics, talk about the media.

    Available Courses: 6

    B2 Advanced


    * General French courses to further your study of the French language in a structured progression for committed individuals with topical activities for the curious minds (Cinema, culture, literature, history..) and preparation to DELF B2 exam to sit for the official examination and have an international recognition of your level in French.

    * Conversation groups to improve fluency and converse in French.

    Available Courses: 1

    B2-C1 Academic

    At this level, students can express themselves fluently and spontaneously, using a large vocabulary and clear, well-structured discourse.

    Available Courses: 6

    Conversation Class

    Keep-up with your French with this informal pay-as-you-go class!