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B2 Strictly Speaking Class

Product Code: B2CONV2019OCT 2019

Age Group Adults
Type General Courses Adults
Session 2019 - Spring Break
Level B2 Advanced
B2-C1 Academic
Conversation Class
Schedules 03 Oct 2019 to 10 Oct 2019
  • Thursday - 5:30pm to 7:00pm at AF (Contact)


The programme of the B1 and B2  conversation courses are based on authentic francophone documents to encourage speakingalong with listening comprehension.

Discussion topics will focus on every day French in order to encourage learners to communicate verbally.

Numerous activities will be offered throughout the course of this 3 hour program to:

  • practise watching / listening to francophone audio visual programs (TV series, commercials, etc.) and discuss them
  • develop one’s ability to communicate orally by discussing various topics
  • become more fluent in every day conversations
  • enrich vocabulary 
$45.00 NZD
Approx $28.33 USD