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Prononciation Workshop - French tricky Sounds

Product Code: Wkshop Prononciation Sounds - July 2020 2020

Age Group Adults
Type Workshops
Session 2020 - Winter Break
Level A1 Beginners
B1 Independent
A2 Intermediate
Schedules On Wednesday, 08 Jul 2020
  • From 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Note: If you would like to book for 2 or 3 prononciation workshops and benefit from the discount ( $45 for 2 and $60 for 3) , please email

Struggling with pronunciation? Many students think that pronunciation is the hardest part of learning French—polish your pronunciation and get that perfect French accent with this special class.

Phonetics will help you improve your accent while also increasing your understanding of francophone accents. This class will help students at a Beginner Level A1 and Advanced Beginner Level A2 improve their pronunciation and acquire a more discerning ear.

The focus of this class is placed on the pronunciation of vowels and consonants. You will focus on what differentiates nasal vowels from other vowels, the different ways of pronouncing the “r”. 

$25.00 NZD
Approx $16.29 USD
2 places left!