🍷 L'Apéro à l'Alliance : special guest Yasmine Attoumane

Date: 15 Mar 2024, 6:00pm - 8:00pm GMT+12 Auckland, Wellington

🎉 Join us for a delightful soirée at Alliance Française on March 15th from 6 to 8 PM! 🥂

📅 Date: Friday 15th March
Time: 6-8PM
📍 Where
: Alliance Française, 275 Cashel street
💰 Price: $24 General Admission / $20 Members
Includes 2 drinks and nibbles.

🌟 Special Guest: Yasmine Attoumane

🎤 Yasmine, born in Reunion Island, is not just an artist; she's a storyteller of landscapes. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting Rivière des Galets, she crafts in situ experiments along shorelines, creating transient installations that speak of our relationship with these precarious territories.

🌌 Her video installation "Starry Sky" beautifully intertwines the black sand of La Rivière des Galets with the universe, serving as a metaphor for a window to the infinite. Yasmine's works, often poetic and imbued with a touch of absurdity, address themes of appropriation, colonization of spaces, and the significance of inhabiting the present.

🌊 Currently developing "Along the Water," a project exploring rivers and cities worldwide, Yasmine's versatile practice encompasses action-performances, installations, photography, and objects. She brings a unique perspective on the intersection of art, politics, and social consciousness.

🎓 Yasmine is a graduate of École des Supérieurs d'Art de la Réunion and pursued photography at Septantecinq in Belgium. She has participated in renowned programs like ONDES by La Cité des arts de Paris and the Ministry of Overseas France, showcasing her work internationally.

Don't miss this chance to engage with Yasmine and immerse yourself in an evening of art, culture, and meaningful conversation. See you there! 🌟

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