🇷🇪 Artist Talk : Yasmine Attoumane

Date: 14 Mar 2024, 4:00pm - 5:00pm GMT+12 Auckland, Wellington

🎨✨ Join us for a captivating evening at Tūranga Library! 📚

🗓️ Date: Thur 14 March
🕕 Time: 4PM
📍 Venue: Tūranga Library, 60 Cathedral Square

🎙️ Artist Talk with Yasmine Attoumane

🌊 Explore the profound symbolism of rivers in indigenous cultures! Renowned artist Yasmine Attoumane, born in Reunion Island, invites you to an enriching artist talk at Tūranga Library. 🌏

👥 Guest Speakers: Yasmine Attoumane & Native Maori Tribe Members

🌺 Topic: The River - A Cultural Nexus

Yasmine, a visual artist, draws inspiration from the scenic Rivière des Galets in Reunion Island. Her works seamlessly blend art and narrative, exploring the complex relationship between communities and their rivers. 🌊

🤝 Discussion Highlights:

  • Symbolism of rivers in indigenous cultures
  • Yasmine's experiences with river-centric art
  • Indigenous perspectives on the river from Maori tribe members
  • A comparison of river symbolism between New Zealand and Reunion Island

🌟 About Yasmine Attoumane: Born in Reunion Island, Yasmine is an alumna of École des Supérieurs d'Art de la Réunion. Her artistic journey has taken her to various international programs, including ONDES by La Cité des arts de Paris and the Centro Cultural Franco-Moçambicano. Yasmine's work delves into the essence of rivers, addressing themes of colonization, belonging, and the importance of embracing the present.

This is a unique opportunity to engage in a cross-cultural dialogue and gain insights into the profound connections between rivers and indigenous communities. Don't miss out on this free event at Tūranga Library! 🌐🌺 #ArtistTalk #CulturalDialogue #CommunityEvent

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