🎥 The Untold Story of Hip-Hop Legends: "Supremes"

🎬🍿 Experience the Untold Story of Hip-Hop Legends: "Supremes" Screening! ðŸŽ¥âœ¨

Step into the heart of Paris suburbs and witness the electrifying journey that shaped the iconic music of JoeyStarr and Kool Shen in the gripping biopic "Supremes." ðŸŒŸðŸŽ¶

This powerful film chronicles the rise of the legendary French hip-hop duo, Supreme NTM, amidst a backdrop of social unrest, protests, and police brutality. Immerse yourself in the raw energy and unfiltered truth of their music, as their voices echo the struggles and triumphs of their community. 

Don't miss this opportunity to experience the untold story of two cultural icons. ðŸŽŸâœ¨

Date: April 29th 
Time: 8:15PM 
Price: $10 for members / $12 for general admission 
Location: Lumière cinemas

Secure your tickets now and prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing tale of "Supremes." See you there! #SupremesMovieNight #HipHopLegends #CinematicExperience ðŸŽ¶ðŸŽ¥

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